Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

Today I gave myself a Mother's Day gift: I got straight of bed this morning and unwrapped the last home pregnancy test I had in the box. The idea was to reassure myself. A week after my first test, I imagined this one should have a very strong test line, maybe even as dark as the control line. But then again, who knows how much chemical is on the strip, there could be a limit to how dark that line can get. This is what I told myself as I awaited my results. I didn't want to be too disappointed.

Here's what I didn't expect: the test line might actually turn out to be darker and thicker than the control.

It was most definitely darker and thicker than the control line. I brought the test back to bed and J~ and I admired it together.

Here's another thing I didn't expect: that within minutes I might be so queasy I'd need crackers and a gulp of water - twice - to settle my stomach. Had a similar bout of nausea yesterday, after an hour of yoga.

Yes folks, it's really happening. I'm pregnant yet again, and this time, despite my darker days earlier in the week, my hopes are very very up.


Anonymous said...

I am glad your line is thicker and your tummy is unsettled!

For now, this is good. For now, you are pregnant. Inhale. Exhale. Resume life. Repeat as needed.

Glitteryfish said...

All very good signs - I've got everything crossed for you. Do you know how many weeks you might be?

Ellen said...

We are all saying our own special brand of prayer for continued success!!!!!!!

Emily said...

Im doing a little dance of joy.