Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Law of Averages

1. My stomach is a mess.
2. No sugar-coating, it's not just my stomach. I feel terrible.
3. My car broke down in my neighbor's driveway this morning.
4. Millie's line for outdoor romping broke today too.
5. And just now I heard via email that somehow, presumably by mistake, all the water was drained from the pool last night. It will take days to refill.

On the other hand:
1. An owl in the backyard this morning. (I stand corrected - it was a red-tailed hawk.)
2. Walked twice, morning and afternoon, with Millie and friends.
3. K and G brought groceries over, kissed Millie, hugged me.
4. A knot in Millie's line has rendered it at least temporarily functional.
5. TWO care packages in the mail today. Thank you R, thank you C!

PS. It's time to admit it: I've uploaded videos to YouTube. So far they're almost exclusively short-short poor-quality videos of Millie as a puppy. But you're welcome to look at them. Cuteness cannot be overrated.


Kelly said...

This is a beautiful post, that in the midst of one of those seemingly shitty days, you are still able to find beauty around you.

Speaking of beauty, how beautiful is that pooch of yours?? LOVE the videos!

Kerri said...

It's too bad that blander/milder foods aren't appealing to you right now, because they would really help settle your stomach. Raw veggies, tofu, onions, garlic, olive oil and spices are healthy under normal circumstances, but they're just too challenging for a digestive system on chemo. If you can keep down some simple mushy foods that are easy to digest, I really think you'll feel better.

Kerry said...

Wish there was something I could do for your photos and agree with your friend, a kinder, gentler diet might help...didn't you buy a juicer? Consider processing and 'sipping'...Peace~

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling a bit better today. You are getting very close to your FINAL treatment with this particular chemo cocktail--almost there.

For alternative pool ideas have you checked this site out: You may find some decent options in your area..

Shannon said...

I love this post. Your balanced perspective in the midst of all of this blows my mind. What a handsome, majestic bird! Owls are carriers of powerful messages and it is very rare to see one in the daylight. Watch for him again, Amy! Thinking of you.

Sonya said...

Love your pics btw! - especially the hawk photos. Many (((hugs)))