Sunday, February 27, 2011

Get Me Bodied

Yesterday's vlog. More of my videos here.
In "normal" life, too much time on the couch and too much junky starchy fatty foods is a straight-line prescription for the blues. Though chemo has everything to do with my dietary choices and my couch-potato nature of late, the result is the same. I've been feeling low today.

But then I came across the video April Capil posted on the day of and in celebration of her last chemotherapy treatment. In it, she dances sassy and silly to Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied." I was so touched by her exuberance, her shamelessness, and her implied messages, both that this too shall pass, and that life is to be lived.

So that's it! I'm putting on music now, right now and loud, and dancing around the living room. The teenager and husband in the house can scoff or join in, whatever they please. I will not be daunted. Life is now.

April's video.

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