Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chemo Eve

First thing this morning, Vitamin M

I'm off to the doctor to make sure my blood counts are up enough for chemo tomorrow, but before that, groceries, which I will prep tonight into chemo-friendly infusion-day snacks and chemo-friendly easy-prep meals for myself and family for days to come. But before any of that, a good long swim. And before that, a walk for the dog. Oh boy, I'd better get going.

But first, to those of you bumping up against my dare in yesterday's post: yeah! You're right on the money. Whatever gets in your way about asking for help (shyness, a sense of unworthiness, embarrassment because you feel like you're supposed to be able to do it by yourself) this is exactly the crux of the battle. Asking for help, moving into that uncomfortable zone where those feelings reside is the way to shatter limiting beliefs about who you are and who you are supposed to be. You ARE worthy of help. You ARE important enough. You ARE human like the rest of us and therefore vulnerable and fallible and worthy of real, safe, supportive connection with others of your kind!

Go for it! I've got your back.


Sara said...

Millie is SUCH a sweetheart! The way she is lovingly licking your hand brought tears to my eyes :)

Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: I am NOT a poodle person. However, this Millie chick is doing a number on me. What a sweet dog and what a gorgeous coat of fur. You are lucky to have each other.

I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Last bad dose--that's IT. You are done with that. You will have made it though all four. You will make it through this and you will have secured yourself a long, long life.

Anonymous said...

Hope you stocked up on the celeriac - whatever that is! :)

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Good luck!