Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Update

Millie is on Facebook! You can be her friend!
Thanks to everyone who wrote emails and comments of support regarding my latest update.

I don't blame the nurses. It is obvious to me that they care deeply about their patients and do their best under complicated pressures. If I had been clearer about my needs from the beginning, I'm sure things would have gone differently. Live and learn... I did leave messages for both my regular chemo nurse (who wasn't in that day) and the nurse in charge of my clinical trial explaining what was difficult for me about the experience and how we might remedy it in the future. (I suggested we save the conversation for the phone if we can't get a room. If space is indeed the issue, I offered to write letters to whomever might be in a position to change that.) About my side effects, thanks also for the insight and suggestions. Though I'm sorry to know my experience is common, I'm glad to understand that there are things I can do about it.

I am feeling better. Yesterday (Monday) was the first day I could say I felt more like myself than not. Weak, weird in the gut, but not terrible. I hate that I have to go through it all over again on Friday, but for now, all is well.

I will probably lose my hair in the next week or so, but in the meantime it was getting too long. On Saturday evening, my brother A~ (social worker by day, kitchen stool beauty salon superhero by night) gave me a trim.

Saturday night, home, showered, and receiving my daily dose of Millie-love.
J~ gets some too.
Sunday night: a jewelry-making date with my Mom.
Millie love for everybody!


Kelly said...

Millie love sounds like wonderful therapy. :)

Anonymous said...


Kerry said...

Really, no one is to blame, you're right! But glad to be there for you when frustration and lashings-out arise...nice pictures...while winter weather warrants head scarfs and such, have you yet considered shaving your hair?Peace~Kerry

Anonymous said...

what amazes me is the unbelievable light you have in your pictures and your words despite the heaviness of our situation! I am so honored to know you and see you as such a source of inspiration and wisdom.

You name it, I'll provide it. I'll just try to stay away while the kids are sick. Let's pick a day next week and I'll bring you some food and the awesome playlist my twitter peeps created for you.

hang in and keep shining! love love and more love

Emily said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. Your last several posts have been so elegant, I only wish I could write like you do, and have a dog like Millie, she is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Millie is a rock star! All jokes aside, nice family, including Millie.

Sam said...

I asked to be Millie's friend on Facebook.