Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday Into Monday

Two days post-chemo: tired, but got through the day okay mostly on the couch with my camera, laptop, and beading supplies nearby. My big exertions were Millie's walk Sunday afternoon and a swim this morning. Not much sleep last night, a little unsteady in the gut this morning, but doing okay.

Some highlights...

1. Sunday breakfast: while J~ and B~ ate pancakes with bananas, yogurt, and maple syrup, my stomach demanded this: steamed kale and shitake mushrooms with chickpeas, avocado, diced bell pepper, olive oil, garlic, and ground flax. I can't say it hit the spot, but at least it went down easy.

2. During the day Sunday, Millie gets a grooming, love, and a high-five from the men of the house.

3. The walk: cold and windy, but the light was crisp and the sky was blue, and Millie got a surprise reunion with her old pal, Maggie.

3. Last but far from least, a conversation this morning with my stepson:

I came down the stairs from bed, groggy as he was preparing to go out for the school bus. "Good morning!" he chirped, to which I struggled to respond in kind.

"Let's have a hug," I said finally. "We haven't been doing enough of that lately." Mid-hug, I held tighter. "A good one," I added.

After, I told him, "I read that humans need at least four really good hugs a day."

His response?

"Well, I'd be happy to give you three more."


Kerry said...

...interesting how cravings work......some go for sweet, others, savory...would have eaten that veggie mess myself. Your blogs are great and show a big change...a happier Amy change!

Kelly said...

I know that you're going through something so incredibly difficult but I have to say that what I hear when I read your blog is strength, courage and love. Your pictures of and the time you spend with Millie just warm my heart. I'm so glad that you have such a support system, fur and all.

Anonymous said...

I love you, B! From your newly adopted Grandma

Anonymous said...

Made me want to eat kale and hug my dogs. Like your writing.

Anonymous said...

I love the hug experience you wrote about. Thank you for sharing. Love your writing!

Just me said...

What a great moment with your stepson. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.