Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Day at a Time

My stomach feels molten and everything, including my empty mouth, tastes constantly wrong. Chemotherapy patients talk about having a metallic taste but for me the taste is salt. Have you ever bitten into a juicy pear and had it taste like it's been marinated in celery salt and ocean brine? I'm finding it difficult to eat.

Though I'm sure I couldn't properly taste it, this gorgeous soup made by good friend N~ went down easy and soothed the lava pit below.

N~ wrote about our visit Monday afternoon on her blog, the Flying Yogini. She has pitched herself heart and soul into yoga and she's making a daily practice of writing about it, viewing life through that lens. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her generosity is gargantuan, plus, Millie and I each got a mention. So what's not to like?

As you can see, Millie adores her as much as I do.

I was blessed by soup made by another loved one a few days ago - black bean from my sister-in-law, K~. She intended it for the whole family, but I took one bite and claimed it for myself alone. It's the first thing I tried after Friday's chemo that I didn't have to force down. I used some of it yesterday morning as a gravy over steamed asparagus.

At the gym on Tuesday, I couldn't get past a walk on the treadmill. When I tried to run it felt like I was on someone else's legs, surreal and unstable, so I gave up.

In the shower, a lot more hair fell out. It was depressing.

And then I held the camera over my own head. Even more depressing.

On the bright side, I discovered that honeydew melon tastes fine. And so do french fries.

There is more to share, including the bald-spot photos. Coming soon...

PS. You may have noticed I'm remodeling the blog. So far the changes are purely cosmetic. Hope it's not too confusing.


motherof5boys1girl said...

I love reading your are so "real".
I bet you have tons of wisdom to share with the world.

Kerry said...

I love the life journey via your hair! Always a fan Amy...clothes don't make the man, hair doesn't make the woman. Your self perception is more than that, I'm sure! Hope your tummy settles.

Mrs J said...

I was following a blog by a woman who was diagnosed with cancer at 24. While she was going through chemo she followed a diet of high amounts of wheatgrass, Vitamins C, E, A and D. During chemo she had food cravings and was able to eat Thai food while she was in the treatment room having her meds administered.

Maybe you could send her an email and ask for some advice?

Mrs J said...

Also, I forgot to mention that she soon started following a raw diet which helped to alkalize her body and balance the pH.