Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One More to Go!

More of my videos here.

I'm supposed to receive my final chemotherapy treatment on Friday. What a long road since I was diagnosed last October. Like a dream, a meandering, colorful, bad but poignant dream, it seems like it both took forever but also passed in an instant. Like a frame around a painting, setting it apart from anything else that might distract the eye, the preciousness of my life feels framed by this experience.

I am determined to find pleasure every day. To give up rushing, cramming one more task into each five minute increment, pushing myself relentlessly forward into the next accomplishment. At the same time, I am also determined to stay conscious of how I am passing my time. Accomplishment feels good when it's in proportion with rest and exercise and pleasant companionship.

For those of you coming up behind me on the cancer treatment path: I remember fearing food would never taste right again, that I would never again feel a joyous bubbling over of healthful energy. I am here to testify that both experiences are possible, even while chemotherapy is still in full-swing. Taxol is not Adriamycin. All chemo is not the same. Trust your own resilience. You will get your life back.


Nancy said...

eternally inspired by you! xo

Kerry said...

Beyond happy to read your words...that you didn't lose all those things you thought you would...peace~

Anonymous said...

Love it. Just a quick question--what video camera are you using for all your filming/vlogging?

Anonymous said...

Great news.

And only ONE more to go!!

You go girl!


Jamie said...

Awesome news and good luck! Love the part about finding the balance of enjoying all that moves you--both the driven and the bliss.

SN said...

Thanks Amy...your words give me hope..I have 2 more chemos to go....I need to believe it will all be over and done with.

Paula said...

So glad that the good life, the healthy energy, and the ability to savor is returning for you. I love the way you think of others, too. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!