Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby Steps

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I have been aware for some time now that the links I offered on this blog were woefully out of date. Not a one pertained to breast cancer and worst of all, some led to an embarrassing dead end, "Error 404: Page Not Found."

A month or so ago I deleted the worst offenders. Since then, I've struggled to envision a way to organize information better. I want to offer links that pertain not only to the specific topics I cover on this blog, which, if you haven't noticed, are numerous and far-ranging, but also I wanted to include links to topics I am yet to even broach. For instance: Things that make me laugh. It seemed an unwieldy list.

I suppose I made too big of a project of it in my mind, circling the pond, dipping in a tentative toe here and there, fretting over the best place to dive in.

The hell with it. It's time. Today I dove from where I stood.

The result? A brand new Resources page. It's dreadfully incomplete and not very inspired, but I plan to add to it over time and I welcome your suggestions.

In the meantime, I ask you, what projects are you not working on? What baby step can you take in the direction of getting it done?

Sometimes we need to bite off a smaller chunk of the task, sometimes we need to release the expectation of perfection right out of the gate, and sometimes the key is simply to roll up your sleeves, strap yourself in, and just do it.

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pasmithx2 said...


My sole project at the moment is chemo. Tomorrow, I will do the first of 6 3wk cycles (plus and additional 6 months after that.) Not looking forward to it.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with total strangers as well as your friends and family. It helps to know that there will be good days along with the bad, and life will go on.

I realize that we have different kinds of cancer, different regimens, and different reactions to the various drugs. However you express many of the same concerns and questions that I have. It doesn't matter if you have the answers; it just makes me feel a little better to know that I'm not the only one worrying.

I'm happy to know that you could do a 30 mile bike ride and still feel like the 40 mile ride was doable. I'm not a biker but want to continue going to the gym regularly and to stay strong throughout this. I will tell myself, "If Amy can ride for 30 miles on a bike, you can get your butt to the gym!"

It also cheers me to hear you talk about your projects and wanting to working on them. I have a list of real projects that I can break down into pieces.

One step at a time. Chemo tomorrow. :-(