Friday, March 25, 2011

Chemo #7


- up at 6:15, drove J~ to the bus

- off to the gym: 4000 yards in the pool. Feeling surprisingly great. Wished I had time for another 1000. And I never, not even pre-cancer, swim more than 4000.

- Home and food

- Dog walk in the woods (short one, running out of time)

- Pack a lunch, off to Hartford to pick up J~, next stop: cancer center

- stuck with needles 5 times (once for blood tests, four tries for chemo - apparently I shouldn't swim so much before chemo, or at least I need to hydrate a lot more).

- Home again, on the couch all evening.

- On the agenda now: this blog post, start movie files rendering so that I can edit tomorrow (it will take all night) , brush my teeth, kiss my husband, maybe read a little Lance Armstrong Every Second Counts, sleep.

J~ just asked me, "Do you think the Benadryl is wearing off and the steroids are kicking in now?"

Judge for yourself from these pictures, taken since I've been home, presented to you in reverse chronological order.

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