Friday, March 04, 2011

Five Down

My jam session didn't last long, but it felt good to try.

The worst part of the new chemo, so far anyway, is not so much the Taxol but the intravenous Benadryl and Decadron. The former knocked me out for the entire day, and it hurt going in, ached all the way up my arm. The latter has me worried that I won't sleep tonight. Both were given to ward off allergic reactions. None were forthcoming.

But this is nothing compared to what I felt with the last drugs. It's probably way too soon to be making any comparisons, so I will stop right there and turn my attention elsewhere.

In honor of the fact that I managed to pick up the guitar tonight, I'll use this space to inform you that my first and only album (so far?) Original Sins is finally available for download from CD Baby for $9.99. You can listen to snippets of the music and download a few of the tracks individually there too. The whole package coming soon to iTunes too. I'll let you know when that comes through.

"Ethereal voice, soulful grooves, emotionally potent acoustic originalia to change your life to."

ps. The needle went in on the first try today.


Sonya said...

Glad to hear the needle 'worked' on the first try this time. Wishing you a quick passing of time and another swim sometime soon!


Kerri said...

After a few reaction-free infusions, you might be able to back off the benadryl completely. Some people go off the steroid too, but I haven't risked that. Since I get tired so easily now, I kind of welcome the steroid high and use the energy to get stuff done. It is annoying not to sleep for 2 days, though! Hope you're doing ok.

Anonymous said...

I want your album! So many creative outlets, no wonder your heart is so warm.