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Breast cancer, and cancer in general
Information and Advocacy
National Institute of Health - great place to research any cancer
National Cancer Institute - ditto
Breast Cancer Action - my favorite breast cancer nonprofit, focused on ending the epidemic rather than finding a cure has a great tool (on this page) for pinpointing resources appropriate to your needs.

Support has a very active forum for all parts of the breast cancer journey
Chemo Angels are like one-way pen pals, sending you cards and little gifts throughout your cancer treatment, all you have to do is sign up
Cleaning for a Reason - free house cleaning for women with cancer
Johns Hopkins Medicine has an excellent breast cancer Ask an Expert forum where you can ask questions of doctors and other specialists for free, but only on the weekends. 

Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book This is the bible when it comes to breasts and breast health and all things breast cancer. Extremely comprehensive and well-written. With helpful illustrations. I recommend it for all women, whether or not you've been diagnosed with the dreaded cancer.
See this blog post for three good books on cancer in general
If you want to best equip your body to fight cancer or elude it in the first place, the books I mention in this post are worth looking at.
More links coming soon...

Infertility and family planning
Support, information and advocacy has great resources, including research and forums, for those struggling with infertility is the go-to organization in the USA for pro-choice advocacy and the latest news
Take Charge of Your Fertility - learn how the reproductive system works
Fertility Friend has a free online charting system to help you plan conception
The Visible Embryo has great information and visuals that guide you through conception to birth will keep you up to date on all things feminist
Lost and Found and Connections Abound - if you're looking for a list of fertility-related bloggers and their latest news, look no further

I suggest three good ones on miscarriage here.
Also, see the sidebar on the right. More coming soon...

Divorce -set up by a reassuring and informative lawyer has a good section on divorce

Healthy eating
Gluten-Free Goddess - best of the gluten-free blogs
See this blog post for recommended books.

Anybody have a good raw foods and/or vegan blog to suggest?

Emotional well-being

Re-evaluation Counseling - I swear by it.


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