Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blessing or Curse?

I've been nauseous today. It started with this morning's ritual cup of Chinese herbal tea, prescribed by my acupuncturist, prepared for me by J~. Usually I can drink this on an empty stomach with no problem at all. (Two weeks ago, when I still felt consistently pregnant, this was not always the case).

This morning, I felt queasy. I ignored it. Then I felt nauseous. I ignored that too. And then I felt sweaty and nauseous. Like maybe I was five minutes from on my knees over the toilet. I ate something and lay on the couch. And gradually, I felt better. And then, of course, I started to wonder.

I've had some queasiness all morning, but then also some crampiness, (though milder) and more brown-stained cervical mucus (though no darker, or more frequent than before).

Just when I thought I was resigned to it, finished (temporarily anyway) crying over another pregnancy loss, the tension is on again.

This afternoon's blood draw is done. Results tomorrow.


Ollie said...

Fingers are still firmly crossed.

Kristin said...

Cramping and brown spotting in early pregnancy = PRETTY NORMAL! I know you've been down the miscarriage road, but my TWIN pregnancy started exactly like both of my miscarriages and ended...well, with TWO babies.

I'm sending mucho positive vibes your way.

Anonymous said...

I had cramping...and blood staining too periodically throughout my pregnancy.

One thing though - get your progesterone checked ASAP - mine was low and without supplementation I probably wouldn't have my baby.

Good luck!!!!!

Anonymous said...

De lurking to say I'm hoping all is well. I too had cramping and spotting during my pregnancy after a previous miscarriage so I know how agonising it can be. I so hope things settle down for you and your husband.

Anonymous said...

Keeping you in my thoughts!

CK said...

Delurking to say that I am sending positive wishes your way. I hope you have great results from your bloodwork and things work out in the manner you want them to. Good luck!

Thanks for sharing your blog with the world. I think you are a very talented writer.

Laura said...

de-lurking to say fingers crossed.