Sunday, May 14, 2006

Babies or Teeth

Here is a list of why it would be nicer to not be pregnant until the end of summer.

• In spite of our extensive commuting back and forth, J~ and I still live almost an hour's drive apart and will remain this way until the end of August. This gives us time to prepare his house, his son, and ourselves, for my full-time presence, and spares me a ridiculous commute to work.

• Speaking of work, I'll be teaching two full-day courses this summer, in a hot and stuffy crowded environment, and don't want to do so while contending with early pregnancy nausea and sleepiness.

• I'll have to switch health insurance companies when I move, probably easier done while not pregnant.

• J~ and I haven't even been together four months yet.

• We're still married to other people.

But none of these qualify as reasons why we are using condoms again this month. We're using condoms, simply, because I don't want to lose my teeth.

I have a healthy mouth, never a cavity in my life, and strong gums, though with enough recession on the "lower anteriors" that, I've recently been told, reinforcement is in order, and I should do it soon. They tell me this can be caused by genetic predisposition or orthodontic treatment or teeth grinding or overly vigorous hygeine, or some combination of all of the above, In any case, if left to progress, the root and even the jaw bone could wear away. Or so they tell me, and convincingly enough that I've signed up to go under the knife on June 16th and then again six weeks later. I'm having what's known as subepithelial grafts on six teeth, three teeth each time in two two-hour procedures that are best not undertaken during pregnancy. I'll spare you the gory details, but if you want them, read here.

So that's what it comes down to, I'm letting three more precious cycles slip by because I don't want to risk my teeth. I want to believe that there are still a few good eggs beyond those three. I want to believe that all will go according to plan, and in the end we'll live happily ever after. But I know better than that. I have to live happily ever now. And I've chosen to do so with my lower anteriors intact. So whatever happens, happens, and when it does, I'll be sure to let you know.


Anonymous said...

BORN, you are killing me with your untested, unproven, unevaluated "infertility." Once your teeth are fixed, do yourself a huge favor (and your readers) and get a blood panel done of all hormone, endocrine and thyroid function to lay at rest or confirm your recurring fears of it being too late. And it does seem you are rushing things with your new lover way, way too much, all because of your unproven, untested march toward menopause or infertility. Ever heard of the expression jump from the frying pan into the fire? I don't care how wonderful Mr. New Wonderful is, take a deep breath, slow down, and find out more about your body before you force something that didn't need to be forced. Why not try living together for awhile and elucidating the state of your fertility first??!!

Nico said...

Yikes, that sounds like some serious surgery! I hope it all goes well.

Suzanne Smith said...

I agree with the poster above - take a step back and think about this! you are NOT too RE gets people in their 40s pregnant all the time.

It feels like you want more to get pregnant -- and you've found a nice guy but....lordy woman you have had so much can you build something so quickly with someone in the same state as you??? I wish you the very, very best....

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with ANON as well.