Monday, December 19, 2005

Three Things

1. A~ and I have been sleeping on the same fifteen-year-old lumpy crappy futon for, well, fifteen years. Lately, I've been dreading that thing so much I can barely bring myself to go to bed when my eyes are half-shut with exhaustion. So, in the midst of sleep-deprived Christmas shopping the other day, when I passed a mattress store, I stopped in. And came out having spent so much that Capital One called the next morning to make sure my credit card hadn't been stolen by some sleep-deprived criminal.

Aah, I love the new mattress. A~ doesn't know about it yet, he's been away for work for the past nine days. I've been lucky if I could talk to him for a full two minutes a day, which is no great hardship compared to the three hours per night sleep he's been subsisting on. But he'll return today. And I'm sure he'll crash immediately. Can't think of better timing for this Christmas gift to us!

2. The Chinese doctor I went to yesterday took my pulse on various points of both wrists, told me, among other things, that my liver was "tight", and my lungs were weak from sadness. He gave me a big bag of bark and twigs and berries and powder and lumps of coal (charred ginger) and dried flowers — twenty herbs in all — which I am to brew up into tea and drink twice a day for the next ten days. He advised letting two more menstruations pass before attempting pregnancy again. Though it is disappointing to wait, my hunch is that my body isn't ready yet for another pregnancy anyway. So I'll follow his advice this month. I'll drink the tea. Maybe I'll see an acupuncturist. I'll see how I feel next month.

3. An addendum to yesterday's post. Here's a great link on the subject of How to be Good Friends with an Infertile. This is written by Tertia, a one-time infertility blogger who now has kids. I agree with every item on her list, though I would add to #2, about educating yourself about what your infertile friend is going though, that I don't mind so much the not-knowing as much as I mind the assumption that there isn't much to know. (See Tertia's #3 for more on this!)

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