Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It Isn't Pretty

I've fallen off the health food wagon. Way off. Suffice it to say: I shouldn't have given in to the guilty idea that a good daughter/sister/friend/daughter-in-law must bake Christmas cookies. And I shouldn't have bought all that chocolate. And sugar. And the ten-pound bag of flour. What was I thinking?

My apartment is so cold that I'm wearing long underwear and a thick fleece coat, and still, my nose is frozen, my feet are chilled right through my not-thin socks, and my fingers are so stiff I'm fumbling at the keyboard even when I type heated things like this: I don't like my landlord anymore. Granted, there doesn't seem to be much flame to that understatement, but it's there, believe me. It's there.

In a few minutes I'm going to the gym, and the grocery store, and work. I'm in a bad mood. I have nothing useful to say.

Maybe tomorrow.


bllamama said...

Hello dear,
I think you always have something useful to say, no matter how you say it. YOU are useful.
My apologizes to the people who read my very open comments!!
You have to be the prettiest face patron I see A.

Amy said...

thanks, hon