Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Taming the Beast

Earlier this summer. More of my videos here.

From yesterday's walk.
Back in May, when I started writing what I hope will someday be a book, the memoir of my Babies or Not journey, I thrilled at the mounting page count like an excited child tallying her age in quarter-year increments. But now, as the total creeps up toward four hundred pages on a first draft manuscript I thought would be finished a hundred pages ago, I'm facing demons bigger than the number of candles on my middle-aged birthday cake.

The bottom line is, I feel like I'm blathering on and on, and the story isn't over yet.

Believe it or not, I've never been good at telling my story from start to finish without worrying that my audience, real or imagined, isn't getting bored and fed up.

No wonder I have files full of half-finished books.

But I'm pushing forward with this one and I'll keep at it until I find the tail of this beast.

And then I'll tame it.

Or maybe I'll ride it, wild, into the sunset.

Or maybe I'll simply edit out all the silly metaphors.

In the meantime, I'm way behind on the videos, and even more behind posting them to the blog. There's another after this on the youtube channel. I'll post it here soon...er or later.