Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Very Nervous

Somehow I skipped sharing this one: Millie's Birthday, among other things. More of my videos here.

I'm worried. Not so much for the half-marathon this weekend. Whatever happens with that, I know I'll be fine.

Mostly I'm nervous because just like last year, I will be getting checked for breast cancer a few days later. In this case, I'm much less certain that I will be fine.

In the last week I've noticed a thickening under the skin near my mastectomy scar. Not a lump exactly, and hopefully nothing of real concern. I showed it to Jim and he concurs. "Definitely puffier," he said, but he's also hopeful that it's nothing serious.

I called my doctor just in case and she moved my one-year-later follow-up appointment forward by two weeks.

I go in on Tuesday, October 18th.



Lisa said...

Sending you good vibes for the checkup. I hope you are able to enjoy your half marathon while having this weigh on you.

Heavy stuff.

Sonya said...

Have a great race and a great check up!

Kerri said...

Hi Amy, I can really commiserate with the anxiety you're feeling right now. I just passed the year anniversary of my diagnosis and had my first scans since starting treatment. Over the past few months I've had a persistent ache in my groin/hip that I became convinced was mets to my bones. I mean, convinced. The weeks leading up to the scans were the scariest since my initial diagnosis. I just didn't want to fool myself into assuming everything was okay, then find out it wasn't. But everything was okay and I got the all clear (for now).

The chances really are that you're okay too. With the radiation you just had, a local recurrence is unlikely so soon, and the thickening could just be a lingering effect from the rads. Rads do weird things to your body - they caused a benign tumor to pop up on my ribcage (which was fun worrying about too - ugh). I guess this is the roller coaster ride we're on now, huh? Just wanted to let you know I can relate and I'm rooting for you on your run and your checkup!

motherof5boys1girl said...

it could be scar tissue building up..my husband nearly cut his leg off in a motorcycle accident, which left him with huge scars on his calf from where they rebuilt his leg..he has lots of very raised puffy areas where the scars are..you will be ok!!! :) :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed it's just the likely scenario of scar tissue.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your race and your check up! I am confidant that both will go great.


LittleOddMe said...

Aw shit. That anxiety has got to suck terribly. Hugs to you - just wanted to let you and Jim know I'm thinking of you both.

Have a great run in the marathon! :)