Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Go For It

Today I'm changing my blog's profile picture to reflect my new attitude.

The most valuable lesson cancer taught me is that life is short and it is now. If you want to live with excitement and zest you just can't aim for comfortable, you have to aim well outside the limits you've always set for yourself in the past. For me that means being my authentic self, flaws and all, vibrantly and ridiculously and without apology. It means making mistakes and celebrating the glory of well-intentioned failure. It means going after people I admire and inviting them into my life. And going after the people who are already in my life and inviting them closer. It means giving all my gifts, planting all my seeds.

I want to live large during the day, sleep deep at night.

And vice versa, on occasion.

I want to wake up brimming with feeling for the day to come.

I want collaborations galore.

What do you want?


Sonya said...

All of the above! Something I needed to hear!

Karin said...

You are such a huge inspiration!

What i want is lose the weight i gained by medications and a slow thyroid... (i gained as much a i weight before... So now i'm double the person i was 2 years ago!)

i want it really bad but my Thyrax (thyroid meds) needs to be at the right dose, to let me lose the weight, even when i work out hard, and eat little, i won't lose weight now... That hurts me!

anyway, that's something minor when you battling cancer, i understand that it's not something that's important to you.

hope you do well, and no real side effects from the tamoxifen.


Amy said...

Karin of course that's not something minor! It's important, and I'm glad you shared your wish. If you decide you want to lose the weight, then go for it. You CAN do it. Ask your doctor to be an ally in the battle, or find a doctor who wants to support you and help you make a plan. Keep me posted!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I love this post. What do I want? I want to read things -- like this -- that move me. I want to be pressed to think. I want to reach out to others and not wait to tell them everything that I'm thinking.

Virginia said...

Hi. I came here from the BlogHer Spotlight. Had to find this post because the link on BlogHer didn't work.

You're right. You can't aim for comfortable. I dragged my comfort zone out to the backyard a few months ago, destroyed it, and then started my Kiss Chronicles project.

I'm following you on Twitter and YouTube now. :) Looking forward to getting to know you.