Thursday, June 09, 2011


Thank You Steroids. (More of my videos here.)

I went to a fundraiser last night featuring a friend of mine from the pool, Marcy MacDonald, a dedicated swimmer who is about to attempt her eleventh crossing of the English Channel. We watched a documentary about her and others who've attempted this astounding feat, and afterward, Marcy answered questions from the audience. Very cold water, long hours, big boats, waves, oil slicks, salt in your throat, chafing bathing suits... To say the least, it's not easy.

Someone asked about sharks and I turned to the friend on my left,  P~ , and said, "I've been bitten by a shark." Her face registered alarm. She was beginning to compose a question when I went on to say, "It took my whole breast."

P~ laughed and slapped my leg. But was that funny? Can I make jokes about my missing breast? I'm never quite sure.

I was editing video the other day (the one below), and came across a section of footage filmed by J~ of myself in a tank top, chucking balls for the dog. It was the first time in a long while I'd seen my new body in three dimensional motion outside the confines of the mirror. In the same way it jars me when I happen upon a person with a missing arm, I was brought up short by the sight of my own chest. The thought was: I am asking a lot of people to take this in stride. I see that familiar moment of hesitation often, but still, I am amazed at how well people are doing it.

After Mastectomy: My Lopsided Life. More of my videos here.

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