Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No More Rushing

My latest resolution. More of my videos here.

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Maureen said...

Hello Amy, I have just found your blog and have enjoyed meeting you and your dog! Since I just found you yesterday, I have not read it all, but have skimmed over many posts, learning what I wanted to know. Many post are helpful to me. For one thing, you are going to inspire me to cook better meals for myself. I have benefited from your book suggestions. I so admire your efforts to keep running. It is all I can do to walk and swim.

We share breast cancer, I am her2neu positive, stage 3 C. I have just finished radiation 6 weeks ago. My hair is just slightly longer than yours. Dogs are a big part of my life. Another part of me is obsessed with photography. I enjoyed your Creatures painting and your patterns. Your videos and the complexity of your blog make it fun. I am sure I will be visiting you often. I have to limit my time in front of this machine, so it will take many days to perouse you Life Uncensored. More about me can be found here:http://www.dogworksdigital.com/Breast_Cancer/Blog/Blog.html

I will be sending good thoughts your way for your radiation therapy. I hope you continue to blog so that I can compare that part of our "cure". Thank you again for your blog. Maureen