Friday, April 22, 2011

The Latest

In this video: Chemo takes it's toll again. Plus Millie gets a haircut, and an ode to the butcher shop.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

Heard this (repeat from November) podcast on Fresh Air today and thought it might be of interest if you have not already heard it:

Hope you are doing better today.


Anonymous said...

Windy bright sunny days make me so sleepy, perhaps you had a little of that going on too. You and Millie both look great. Your new hair looks blonde like lanugo. I meant to tell you on an earlier post, every time you post pics of your food, I get so hungry. You guys eat so well, do you ever *break* and eat something like dairy or white flour?

Amy said...

Thanks for the link, Sue, I heard a snippet of this interview and wanted to hear more! And to answer your question, r3, every now and then a little dairy gets in, usually in the form of goat milk yogurt (but occasionally in the form of gelato ;) As for white flour - never. No wheat at all actually. Which isn't to say I don't ever have a treat, just that gluten wreaks havoc on my digestive tract so I avoid it religiously.

Anonymous said...

Gotcha on the wheat gluten thing.