Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eighty Percent

Not so bloggity this week, sorry folks, but plenty vloggity. I've been busy with getting the word out about the t-shirt fundraiser (it's not too late to order one!) and collating orders - fifty-one and counting! I'm very pleased.

Living the Good Life, Cancer or Not. More of my videos here.

Chemo tomorrow. I'll be getting less than a full dose again, thanks to a resurgence of the neuropathy issue. My palms and the soles of my feet feel like I've been slapping them against pavement - hypersensitive, tingly and hot. After two weeks at eighty percent, last week I was given almost ninety. This week I was supposed to go back up to a hundred but instead I'm going back down to eighty.

I was worrying over this today, fretting about how all these drugs will impact me long-term, fearing my doctor will want to switch me to a different, harsher drug (that has less neuropathy issues). So all in all, I'm all right with the 80%.

And, on the bright side, it is nice to notice I'm assuming there will be a long-term to fret over.

My old friend F~ visited today, haven't seen her in many years. She's become a massage therapist, brought her table along and set it up in my living room. I'm here to say she's become a mighty fine massage therapist. Lucky me.

My stepson is on a school trip for a week - good to have the space on my own, and space to be with J~ uninterrupted, good also to notice the boy is growing up. Not worried about him one bit.

On deck this weekend: Millie gets a full-on sheering, I will bike again, and J~ and I will take some romantic time alone. If you're thinking that means roses and candlelight, it might. But then again, we tend to feel especially romantic in Home Depot, so who knows.


Kerry said...

Nice I detect normal daily living happening in your world? Home Depot...look for fresh onion and leeks for planting...if anyone will have them early, they will. If you need help in the garden, call... Still no sound but happy to see yer face! ~Peace

Kerri said...

Loving these vlogs and the glimpse into daily life - what a wonderful gift you're giving people who've just been diagnosed or are just starting treatment. Your husband and doggy are the sweetest.

Has your onc talked to you about Abraxane as an alternative to Taxol? I know a woman who switched to it because she was allergic to both Taxol and Taxotere. It's basically the same drug but not in a chemical solvent, and it doesn't cause neuropathy. It may be worth looking into. It's supposed to be just as effective but "gentler" than the other taxanes.

Ally said...

Keep up the positiveness! I am amazed at the courage and strength you've shown. As Kerri said, Abraxane is definitely an alternative to Taxol. When my mom went through cancer treatment she started with Taxol, had some of the same problems you had, then switched to Abraxane, and the problems disappeared. The only problem with Abraxane is that some of the side effects are worse than those of Taxol. You'd just have to weigh the pros and cons of each one.

SN said...

I liked this video a lot Amy. Your husband is are awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Did you try L-glutamine powder and Vit B? It completely cured my neuropathy from being on Taxol/Carboplatin. L-glutamine powder can be found in health food stores (usually in the weight lifting section - its an amino acid). A tablespoon in a glass of juice every day really helped me.