Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whining is My Cardio

Still too much fluid, but the drains are beginning to fall out on their own (the skin that the stitches were attached to has ripped off and died). Sorry to be so graphic but that's the story. We'll see what Dr. Z has to say. I'm off to my appointment right now.

PS. I don't say it often enough but thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement and support. I read every comment, and appreciate every word, and so does J~.


Anonymous said...

I hope the drains were able to come out on Tuesday. Or that they can figure out something else besides them?
I don't comment very often but I think of you a lot. Your courage and your honesty, which doesn't come across as whiny at all, is admirable.
Please keep posting.
All good wishes to you and to J.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard Dr. Maria Weiss on NPR this week? She is the founder of breastcancer.org and was recently diagnosed for breast cancer. This was a very interesting interview: http://www.npr.org/templates/rundowns/rundown.php?prgId=13&prgDate=12-14-2010

Hope the drains were able to come out.

Antropologa said...

You are doing amazingly. You seem so brave. I hope you heal quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hey..hope you're doing okay...and no, you do not whine. I know whining, and that not it! Frustrated, frazzled and fried yeah..., but not whiny! Keep your strength and courage up, kiddo!