Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gratitude, In Three-Part Harmony

PART 1: 
In spite of a tenacious cold, limited range of motion in my right arm, and continuing issues with fluid retention around my surgical site, I've been swimming again and it feels great. You can see proof of the fact on the blog of a locally famous English Channel swimmer - here. (Now I feel famous too!) I've studied this photo and even I can't tell which side has a breast and which does not. Of course, this is just one angle and the fact isn't truly disguised, but it's nice to notice that something I braced myself for is really not such a glaring big deal.

PART 2: 
(I've been making thank you cards. See more here.) 

PART 3: 
Some thoughts, in poem-form, written in the car two days ago as J~ drove us home from a holiday visit with family:

I understand now that life is short
that forty is young
that now matters
that later is tantamount to never
that I am temporary
and so are you.

I keep coming back to the desire
to give all my gifts
to orchestrate my life's energy
around giving
both personally and professionally
and to practice
on myself.


Anonymous said...

You look amazing in your bathing suit and just amazing period. I hope you start to feel as good and healthy as you look--even through chemo. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

You're beautiful dear! Love the Thank-you cards...looks like an idea for a art show and you're continuiing experience of living with cancer...creativity come from within...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cards, poem and photo. I wear pretty tight Speedos and those suits really flatten everything out which I think will serve you well as it is impossible to really see anything "off" in that photo. Also there are compression running bras that essentially do the same thing too.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! You look awesome, Amy! Can't wait to swim (and get my butt kicked in h2o) w/you again soon. xo Cris

Paula said...

I loved the triptych of gratitude, especially the beautiful poem. It's great to see you swimming and smiling and celebrating the holidays and life!

Jamie said...

Beautiful poem--every word.

Keep sending you prayers for peace, happiness and healing.

fight like a sissy said...

beautiful poem! so poignant and brutally honest. thanks for being willing to expose yourself for those of us who need to know there's someone else who gets it.