Friday, December 03, 2010

Not Yet

No luck with the drains – as of last night there was still way too much fluid, and the doctor agreed, I shouldn't bother keeping my appointment this morning.

On the bright side, today there was ever so slightly less.

Drain removal attempt #4: this coming Tuesday.

Most people have their drains out in 7-10 days. Today is Day 18. Tuesday will be Day 22.

I’m healing well, but apparently I’m extra juicy.


Tash said...

I'm sorry you're having problems with the drains but at least they're doing their job? I hope that you do manage to get them out - it's good that you're getting such good treatment from your doctors too.

More music on the way as soon as I've finished the last of this essay. Promise.

A huge dose of HUGS from over here, keep your chin up (as my mother would say) and best wishes for a speedy healing/ drain removal! x

Anonymous said...

Juicy is good, right? All joking aside, if you exercise too much, you definitely slow your healing. There is a point where you just need to stay still so that all the internal tissues can knit back together and granulate in. When you move, you prevent those cells from doing that, as you are essentially jostling them and sheering them.

Hold still girl!