Wednesday, November 17, 2010


A few days before my mastectomy, my brother cut my long hair short for me. The thought of it tickling my neck and ratting up on the back of my head just didn't seem worth enduring, seeing as I'm likely to lose all of it in a few weeks anyway, once I begin chemotherapy.

I'm home from the hospital now, two days out from surgery and doing okay. I'm still a little woozy from the anesthesia, achy in spots, numb in others, but relatively mobile.

I'm wrapped tight in ace bandages from clavicle almost to the base of my ribs. Tomorrow a visiting nurse comes to change the dressing underneath, an event I both look forward to and dread, as I'm yet to see and really absorb the reality of my permanently altered self. With my remaining breast bound tight and all the padding of the surgical dressing, it's hard to grasp the extent of my newly acquired asymmetry.

There's much more to say but it will have to wait. For now, photos can do the talking. J~ took these this morning...



Sue Grace said...

Hey Amy,
I'm glad to hear you are home. I remember that you were leading the C ride the day I came riding a road bike for the first time. You were very informative and supportive, downshift now, you're doing great etc...but as I was inching my way down a hill, you came up behind me and shouted "take your hands off the brakes and ride that bike!" I know your spark and your courage will get you through this, and that you've already taken your hands off the brakes and are going for the ride!

Paula said...

You look wonderful! I'm glad you're feeling mobile and yet looking relaxed on your comfortable mound of pillows. Let the healing process begin. It's good to hear that one major hurdle is behind you. Wishing you a smooth recovery!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are not in too much pain Amy and are getting good, healing, rest. Cutting your hair was such a good idea for all the reasons you stated and you look beautiful. Took a suggestion from your book list and ordered eat, pray, love. Looking forward to a good read...miss you kiddo and will be by soon...Peace~Love, Kerry

Sam said...

My only assvice is to take any pain meds you are given. Your body will heal better without you being stressed by pain.

I wish I was a praying type. But it's just me, hoping that you make it through each day with the support of friends and family. I'm here, crying like a silly girl and wanting you to be okay.

Anonymous said...

So glad your're home. I can't really comment yet... I'm sorry. I'm without words.

XX shannon

Anonymous said...

So smart to cut your hair and you have a great face so with or without hair you pull it off.

This is one hell of a marathon you're in. Only thing to do is to take it one step--one day--at a time, surrounded by people (and that beautiful pup)you love.

Daniele said...

I'm glad you're home. Get lots of rest and give your body time to recover from the operation.
Keeping you in my thoughts

Suzanne said...

Much love to you, Amy. You are a fighter. I admire your courage.

You will fight and win this thing. Say it and it will be so.


Anonymous said...

So glad you didn't have any major complications from surgery.

You look great and your hair rocks! I know these are superficial things ... but I was actually kind of surprised how *healthy* and glowing you look.

As someone earlier said, please take your pain meds. Don't be a hero on this one. You will heal faster if you aren't hurting.

AnnaBelle said...

Hi, I've been silently following along for a little while and wanted you to know that even though you don't know me, I am cheering you on. I'm glad to hear that the surgery went well.

Wishing you comfort and healing