Friday, August 11, 2006

Flight Plan

I don't feel like blogging today. I don't feel like obsessing over the infamous and looming title question. In two days, either I'll start bleeding or I won't. In the meantime, there is life to be lived. There is yoga with J~ (a particularly sweaty session this morning - felt good), there is painting to do (the kitchen and living room are done, downstairs bathroom next), there is wood to be chopped (my maul should arrive this afternoon), a patio footing to be dug (oh boy), a wildly overgrown garden to weed, and a huge design assignment to sink my teeth into. It's enough to be present with this moment without speculating on tomorrow, or the next day, or nine months from now.

J~ and I have begun a new practice (or, in my case, resurrected an old one) of writing lists each night (one for him, one for me) of priority chores for the following day. I like launching into a new day with, if not a flight plan, then at least a map with a few landmarks circled, sights I want to hit before landing in bed at night.

Blogging was one of those landmarks for today.

Now, on to the next.

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