Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to Improvise Miso Soup

Didn't intend to make a cooking video, but it happened. More of my videos here.


Paula said...

Mmmm. The soup looks delicious, and I feel inspired to vary my soup/stew repertoire. Wondering if you buy organic veggies when they're not from your garden or don't sweat it?

I think I missed how the marathon/half-marathon was. Your recent vlogs show a happy glow on your face and health, and I'm happy for you, your goals, and your sharing.

Happy New Year!

Amy said...

Hi Paula,

Thanks! No you didn't miss the marathon, it's in the next video, which I'll be editing and uploading soon. I've got a backlog of video, trying to catch up!

I do go for organic whenever possible/feasible, but I don't sweat it with everything, as some produce is less contaminated than other. For instance, I'll eat non-organic onions and avocados without too much hesitation, but I only eat organic strawberries.