Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fresh Air

My blog needs a change .

Lately I haven't had a whole lot to say on the subject of baby-making, or not-baby-making, or fear of or longing for or even avoidance of baby-making. It's the same redundant nail-biting anxiety that keeps going around and around in my head like Dorothy's tornado. And we all know I'm not in Kansas anymore, or at least in the naively happy and trusting middle-America place I think, metaphorically speaking, Kansas represents. (Forgive me for stereotyping and oversimplifying. I don't mean to offend the state of Kansas or middle-America or any of its inhabitants.)

The point is, how many more times do you want to hear me complain about how much a woman has to give up (personal time, freedom, social and professional status, not to mention earning power) to do what our species is most deeply programmed to do? And haven't I made the point enough times already that I think it's a woman's sole right and responsibility to make her own decisions about whether or not or when to reproduce? Haven't I made it clear that, though it can be harder emotionally and physically, I don't think there's anything wrong with deciding against it, even after a pregnancy has begun?

Assuming I'm not pregnant right now, and a few days from now I won't be obsessing afresh on miscarriage and motherhood, I need to figure out a way to move on. I want to keep writing, I want to keep communicating with you, dear readers.

So, tune in next time, when I promise to have something new to say.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Here here. Been reading your blog for a while now, and I have to say that this entry is spot on, from a reader perspective. I look forward to a fresh focus, and I wish you luck (and fun) in pursuing one.

Trope said...

But isn't that the nice thing about ambivalence? It changes a little every day. :)

Seriously, I'm considering many of the same questions, so I hope you won't give up the topic entirely. But as everyone needs a break now and then, I understand your decision to get a little bit of a new focus. It's warranted; you've had a busy year! I'll stick around to read whatever comes up next.

Anonymous said...

Take a break - or not! I don't think you need to keep us riveted all of the time - this is real life, after all. Don't stop writing just because you think you aren't entertaining us - please! I hope that you get your wishes granted very soon.