Thursday, July 13, 2006

Countdown to D-Day

A week from now I will be divorced.

Well, almost.

I have my day in court on Wednesday, July 19th. Assuming all goes well (all should go well. There's no argument. A~ doesn't even plan to show up.) it will be three months before the paperwork proclaiming me officially unmarried will arrive in the mail. But after Wednesday, there is nothing else I have to do. I'm done. For all intents and purposes (except remarriage, that will have to wait) I'll be divorced.

I'm nervous, but only about the mundane details. Like, for instance, I'm not sure where exactly the court is, or where I will park (my city has terrible parking) or if I'll get there on time (I'm not very good at getting places on time) or if I'll have all the proper paperwork on hand. I'm nervous that my witness (I need to have someone along to testify that I actually truly live in this state) will be acceptable even though she lives elsewhere and is my mother. I'm slightly less nervous that I won't properly answer the questions that the judge puts to me. I'm not nervous at all about being emotional, though, who knows, it could happen.

By the way, coincidentally, July 19th is my mother's birthday, and the anniversary of her own divorce. I've heard that life is cyclical, but this is ridiculous.


chaos_girl said...

You'll do fine! I know when I had to go to court for 'official' business- I forgot change for the parking meter (I never park anyplace where I need to PAY except the AIRPORT!) and then *GASP*- I forgot an ID! And for some odd reason, you needed one to get through security! Oh, it was so embarassing! Congrats on it almost being done. Although I know it's emotionally trying- once it's done, it's done.

anonymousey said...

I had totally forgotten I'd put a link to my diary here... I usually don't. I forget that people actually read the thing sometimes! Thanks for your comment. Bloggers unite! heh


anonymousey said...

Oh ok well I just re-read your comment and now the pieces all fall into place heh

Anonymousey = brokenbuddha

I quoted you on my diary... you followed the link back to me... Now you know my secret identity. Man you're clever.