Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hesitation Blues

It's an old blues standard, with a two-line chorus:

Tell me how long do I have to wait
Can I get you now baby or must I hesitate?

On the heels of another twenty-day menstrual cycle, I'm trying not to worry. I've read that this could be the beginning of menopause, or simply a sign of stress, or, scarier, thyroid or pituitary disorder, or then again, a result of increased blood flow from all the fabulous sex I've been having. In any case, it feels like last call for baby making, and though I've bellied up to the bar, I'm not ready to place that final order, not quite yet.

Neither J~ nor I want to begin a pregnancy living apart. Nor do we want to rush the timeline of combining our lives. There is still some ground to cover, and pleasure to take in the work. It doesn't feel like a lot of ground, but if it takes too long, then so be it. At the risk of over-stretching the bar analogy, I'll say this: I'm determined to enjoy the drink in front of me before ordering another.

But once I do, better make mine a double.


Anonymous said...

I have had 22 day cycles for the last 10 years (I'm 47 now) and had my first child at 42 and second at 45. It seems with everything going on in your life for the last few months, you're body is adjusting. Losing weight could also contribute to the change! Keep smiling, I'm so happy for all of the positive happening to you!

Anonymous said...

Last year, out of the blue, my cycles - which had always been 28 days, sometimes 29 - switched to 24, 25 days. Sometimes 23. And I suddenly had far more PMS-type stuff going on - depression, bloating. On an off-handed recommendation from my doctor, (really, she wanted to prescribe the pill, which I wasn't interested in) I started taking vitamin B-50 (chock full of B6, B2, Folic, lots of other good stuff) and 2 months later my cycle "straightened out."

I was 30 at the time, am 31 now.

Just read through your whole blog and really enjoyed it. You have a very healthy way of dealing with what life tosses your way.

Best of luck and I look forward to reading more.


Amy said...

thanks to both of you for these encouraging words. I'm looking into B-50. Never heard of it.