Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beyond Pink Ribbons

The latest of the video diary: Hurricane Sandy, cancer check up, and the Thiingamaboob. More of my videos here.

You can download the music in this video for free: "Presenterator" by Kevin MacLeod
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

I watched Pink Ribbons, Inc. last night on Netflix and I highly recommend it. It's disturbing, and important, and says well a bunch of things I've only attempted to say poorly.


Anonymous said...

Thingamaboob...That made me think hard. That and the new film you presented.
Demystification = empowerment.
Investigation = organised corruption. Aha.
1)I bet some fresh innocent design students came up with that thingamaboob idea. Nobody in the establishment would.

2) Why don't we know more?
Representing tumours as real objects made me think.
Then I remembered...

A few years ago I freaked out when I found a mass of lumpy tissue under a nipple. My son was only two! After docs appointment and a month's wait for a specialist, I was challenged by a white haired bespectacled patriarch who implied that I should have known a cyst was different from a tumour. (Standing there exposed, one (the good) breast still lactating.
It was humiliating, to say the least, I would say the doc was a misogynist, actually.
Anyway, what he was trying to tell me, is that lumpy tissue, common in 40 + women, is generally not cancerous?

Are cancerous tumours always round? We women need more basic info, right? I'm asking myself, why do we not have more knowledge?

We know all about skin cancer shapes, how to recognise a melanoma.

Why don't we women get more useful info? Patriarchal establishment???
The film, the film, gotta see it.

Love JC, a big fan of yours

Amy said...

JC thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! You are so right about the question of useful info. Comparing breast cancer education, in spite of all the hype about "awareness" to the straightforward info we get about skin cancer is a perfect way of illustrating the disconnect. Thank you for crystalizing that for me.

About being a big fan, the feeling is mutual!