Thursday, April 26, 2012

Updates and Poodle Attacks

My Dad and Millie. A deep and abiding love. More of my videos here.
Tamoxifen update: I'm getting used to it. The hot flashes are subsiding, my muscles aren't so knotted up, I sleep okay most nights, and I'm not feeling emotionally underwater anymore. I'm about 9 months in. Four year, three months to go.

Triathlon update: I signed up for an Olympic distance event, holding off on the Half-Ironman until I'm really sure it's something I want to do. In the meantime, I'm training almost as if I'm still planning on it, biking, swimming, running, each three times a week.

Stepmotherhood update: The boy I met at eleven and whom I've shared a home with for most of his life ever since is now eighteen. Come fall, he'll be off to college and planting the seeds of his own adult and independent life. I know it's the biggest cliche in the book, but how quickly they grow up. In the meantime, he's a true teenager. On the couch. Sick with mono.

Poodle update: Millie is keeping an eye on him.

Lymphedema update: Still there, still mild. I wear the compression sleeve occasionally, and think about it less.

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