Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Puppy Love

The drive home

Meeting the neighbors

Learning the ropes

Millie has arrived! She's nestled in my lap as I type this, alternately sleeping and chewing at the zipper of my fleece jacket. She chews on everything. She has kibble-breath. Until we blocked the entrance, she treated our computer room as her own private toilet. And I'm completely in love with her.

I had no idea it would take so much to ready myself for a puppy. I'm not talking about money (four digits and counting), or trips to the pet supply store (six), or long drives to visit with her at the breeder's house (four), or hours pouring over puppy care and training manuals (too many to count), or days spent rearranging furniture to accommodate her presence in the house (two), or hours of work and away-from-home play cleared from my schedule in anticipation of her needs.

For years I've had a space reserved in my heart for all of these exertions, but that space was cluttered with baby dreams. In order to make room for Millie, I had to excavate some mighty disappointments.

Sometimes it feels like I'm a one-track record, going on and on about my grief for all my lost babies, but then, as if passing by a mirror, I catch a glimpse of what I've been through and I'm reminded that it's not insignificant. Anyone reading this who has suffered or is currently suffering such a loss, I hope you are surrounded by people who recognize this fact and honor your feelings. And I wish you many adorable puppies.


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for this post! She is adorable and I'm so happy for you. We are getting ours on December 5th and I'm knee deep into training manuals and preparation work for his arrival. Keep posting those lovely pics.

michelle said...

Millie is a little dream puppy! Look at her! When we got our pup Marley 9.5 years ago now) I could have never imagined how profoundly (in a positive way) she would impact my life. She is turning 10 next week an I am simply overwhelme with love for her every day! I am sure Millie will be firmly snugged into your hearts and lives before you know it.

Anonymous said...