Saturday, October 04, 2008

Snakes and Stuff

I had a dream the other night that I was walking on a dirt road littered with huge wet leaves. As I walked, I noticed snakes slithering in and out from underneath the leaves. Uneasy, I considered turning back. But then two large snakes began moving along either side, as if to escort me. I continued with tentative steps, until a large snake reared up to eye-level in front of me, unhinged its jaw, and fell forward. I woke in a panic just as it sunk its teeth into my chest.

This reminds me of another, similar dream I felt haunted by just before discovering that I was pregnant for the first time with my first husband. I went to the library the day after my positive pregnancy test. Looking at a picture book about pregnancy, I realized that the snakes of this first dream symbolized sperm, and that I, traveling along my nature trail, represented the egg on its journey through the fallopian tube.

Of course I wonder what this new dream means, and why, in both, I was so afraid. Perhaps some day (or maybe two weeks from now) I will understand.

In the meantime, life is very full on every level - work, play, and family. I've been loving my new bicycling habit, and my new bicycling mates. Here's a shot of my club minutes before embarking on a charity ride earlier this summer. I covered fifty miles that day. Some did less (there were 35, 25, and 10-mile options), some did more (100 miles). Fun was had by all.

By the way, that's me down in front.


Searching for Serenity said...

I hope that your most recent snake dream represents a sperm attacking an egg (you). It actually makes a lot of sense.

I have a phobia of snakes. Maybe if I can get past it my dreams will come true too.

Nice to have you back. It looks like you've been crazy busy. I hope you're enjoying life.


Anonymous said...

I cannot reconcile the headshot in the upper left with the small and blurry picture of you down front with your bike posse.

It's not the difference in hair length--you look like two completely different women in the face. I should add that I think both are beautiful, but very different!

Regarding dreams, sometimes they are inspirational, sometimes prophetic, but sometimes they seem a jumble of archetypal images and themes that have no obvious meaning in our life but have to be worked out by our brains. You've had quite a life for the past coupla years and I know you are still processing (and doing it well, I might add).