Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mystery Bunny RV2T

Loyal readers, you know how I feel about rabbits. I saw this one in the yard two days ago, and again this morning.

Francis (I think I'll call it Francis) didn't seem to mind me approaching.

When I sat down in the grass, not four feet away, s/he wasn't bothered in the least.

In fact, Francis hopped over to sniff at my camera, only retreating when startled by the lens cap, swinging on a short tether from the camera body.

Now I see it, in this last picture, a clue as to Francis' people-friendly nature. Look inside the left ear.


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back blogging again.
I could tell from the photo in general that this was a pet--he's a popular domestic breed.
But the pic is too small to read the ear--is it an ID tag?
And is that your pink yard flowers? Gorgeous. My Mom has some of this plant, but I forget the name ...
Does this mean you are pregnant?!

Anonymous said...

Very adorable bunny and lovely pictures - thank you for sharing!
Hope you are well. You 'sound' well in your post.

akakarma said...

Ditto re: domestic pet look- I was going to say that that is one healthy wild rabbit! Sooooo cute! Don't you love visitors?

Amy said...

Thanks to all three of you!

r3: I added an extra pic for you (a close-up on the ear - looks like a tattoo to me. And update: this evening I got to touch the rabbit's fur: verrry soft. To answer your final question: I wish. If that's what it means, I don't know it yet.

Rosa said...

You'll have to have some carrots ready for next time. Adorable!

akakarma said...

Hmmm... do you have neighbors close by? Otherwise he might be a rabbit that is lost or dumped! I wonder if the humane society or a vet might know about that tat?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh,
Amy I think it's a former lab bunny!
Holy shitake! Now that's cool if he/she was a former lab denizen and now has a new lease on life.
Very, very symbolic, I think.
We used to use lab bunnies for awful things, and I feel rotten about it. This is very nice to see, kinda releases some of that negative karma.

Paula said...

You should consider catching him. He's definitely a pet that escaped, and pets don't do well for very long on their own. Perhaps you could find his home, maybe a neighbor who has/had pet rabbits.

This comes from someone who used to have a "house rabbit" who was litterbox trained.

In any case, Francis looks very sweet. Rabbits are very sociable creatures.

Since he's let you get close, perhaps you could catch him. Turning a rabbit on his back also puts him in a "trance."

Our rabbit lived to be 8 years old and enjoyed lounging in front of the heater, hopping onto our bed, and eating fresh carrots (only fresh, he wouldn't eat the ones out of plastic bags from the grocery store) from the garden.

Good luck.

Jodi said...

How cute! He looks so so and cuddly. We always had pet rabbits when we were kids. They are very sweet.

Great photos by the way!

Jodi said...

sorry - last comment should have said so soft. See what I get for typing before I finish my morning coffee!

Have a good day!