Friday, March 16, 2007

A Modicum of Fame

Fame is probably too strong of a word. But the point is, if all goes as it has been going, my blog will receive its 50,000th hit sometime in the next two weeks, which, to me, is a big deal. I started this thing hoping for nothing more than an incentive to write on a regular basis. Actually, that's not true. I was dreaming of book deals and other paid writing gigs. To that end, I'm still dreaming. But I did get that incentive I was looking for, and I do average 600-700 hits each week. Because of this audience (in other words, YOU), every now and then, I get a solicitation from people who have something to sell.

The most recent of these was an offer to send a free copy of the book, The Essential Fertility Log: An Organizer and Record-Keeper to Help You Get Pregnant by Suzanne Schlosberg, in hopes that I would recommend or at least mention it on the blog.

Okay, so now I've mentioned it.

As for recommendations -- I may be a sucker for free stuff, but I'm not a total whore. Upon perusal of said freebie, I can only say that if you are totally single-mindedly obsessed or you have more energy and time than you know what to do with, maybe this would be useful to you. But as far as I'm concerned, this book is a wire-bound prescription for a panic attack. Even the cover makes me nervous, mocking me with pictures of cute baby feet, a pregnant belly, and a positive HPT.

But more power to you, Suzanne Schlosberg, because your books are actually written and published and out there in the world for jerks like me to disparage.

Speaking of putting it out there, I wrote an essay two years ago, which I submitted to NPR's This I Believe essay collection. It's about my teenage abortion in the light of a mid-thirties miscarriage (you can read it here). Two years later, I've received a request from a local NPR affiliate to include it in their program. I'm to read the essay myself, to be recorded Monday. I don't know when the show airs, but if there is a podcast, I'll link to it.

More baby-pursuit updates to come...


Lisa said...

I love "this I believe." I hope I hear yours. Let us know when it's going to air, and I'll be listening!

Anonymous said...

I, too, love the "This I Believe" essays. Congrats on your hits, and on your blog. I truly enjoy reading your thoughts.

Tiff said...

I love THIS I BELIEVE, too.
That is a lovely essay.

Emily said...

Just came across your blog and read the whole thing! Its a wonderful story and you are a great writer. I wish lots of happiness for you in the future!